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Signing of Cooperation Agreement between Water and Waste Regulatory Office (WWRO) and Water Regulatory Entity (WRE) of Albania

Today in Prishtina a Cooperation Agreement was signed between Water and Waste Regulatory Office (WWRO) and the Water Regulatory Entity (WRE) of Albania. This Cooperation Agreement was signed by the Head of Commission of WRE Mr. Avni Dervishi and the Director of WWRO Mr. Afrim Lajçi.

In this ceremony many were present among them the high representatives of the Republic of Albania: the Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in Kosovo, Mr. Islam Lauka, Minister of Environment of Albania, Mr. Lutfer Xhuveli, Advisor of the Prime Minister of Albania Ms. Enkelejda Gjinali. And from Kosovo Government and the Institutions of the Republic of Kosovo there took part: Minister of Environment of the Republic of Kosovo Mr. Mahir Jagcillar, Leader of the Unit for Policy and Monitoring of Utilities of MFE Mr. Ramadan Avdiu, Director of National Public Health Institute, Ms. Selvete Krasniqi, Board Director of ShUKOS, Mr. Skender Bublaku, etj.

The signing of this Cooperation Agreement creating a formal cooperation framework has the objective to establish cooperation between WWRO and WRE in the area of economy improvement of water utilities in issues of the best interest and benefit of these two institutions.
Afrim Lajçi, director of WWROF, on his speech on the this occasion pointed out that the assignment of this Cooperation Agreement reflects the general cooperation willingness created between our countries during this period, from the liberation of Kosovo in year 1999 and especially after the declaration of independence of Kosovo last year.
Moreover, in his speech Mr. Lajçi explained that the specific cooperation areas and forms will be agreed from both sides and they will include all aspects of work without any limit such as issues related to legislation and licensing aspects, regulatory policies, principles and methodologies of tariff setting, performance monitoring of water supply and sewer companies, protecting costumer rights etc. Whereas, as far as strengthening the professional capacities of WWRO and WRE staff is concerned, the cooperation will consist of: active participation in project undertaken by the other party, participation in trainings undertaken by the other party, participation in workshops, seminars or conferences organised by one or the other regulator or by both together.

“We have agreed to promote such cooperation willingness in other countries in the region as well and even further on. In this sense, WWRO has foreseen to organise a workshop in May together with the representatives of Macedonia and Albania, where performance of water and sewer companies in each of these countries will be discussed as well as we will initiate the idea for a regional ‘benchmarking’, said Mr. Lajçi in his speech.
Mr. Avni Dervishi, Director of WRE, said:

“Through this agreement both institutions initiate mutual cooperation and the interest in the area of regulating water supply and sewer services, based on mutual equality and benefit. Moreover, this cooperation aims at exchanging information and respective sectional knowledge, increase of capacities and respective staffs, in respect of cooperation within organisations and regional and international bodies in the regulatory field of water sector, etc.

On behalf of the institution I lead, I would like to say that we will give maximum efforts in fulfilling the willingness, liabilities, and relationships this memorandum enforces.

“Ascertaining also the same commitment and disposition from the Kosovo side I think that we are in very good grounds to implement this memorandum as best as possible”.

Minister of Spatial Planning of Kosovo, Mr. Mahir Yagcilar, said that this agreement will be a crossroad of strengthening the cooperation not only between these two institutions but also further more.

Also the Minister of Environment, Forest and Water Administration of Albania, Mr. Lufter Xhuveli emphasised his and Albanian Government support for cooperating in the environment field and especially in water sector, confirming that both countries have a lot to learn from each other in all areas without any exception.