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“Efficient, safe and quality water services, for all consumers of Kosovo. 


“Regulation of water services effectively and transparently in accordance with good European practices which ensure that water service providers provide quality, sustainable and affordable services throughout Kosovo, taking into account the preservation of the environment and protection of Public Health. 

Strategic Goals

  • Developing and implementing a regulatory framework that ensures the provision of quality services at reasonable cost to water utility customers;  
  • Protecting short-term and long-term interests of customers by ensuring that water service providers do not misuse their monopoly positions and therefore offer efficient services in accordance with established service standards; 
  • Setting of service tariffs based on the principles of coverage of Service Providers costs taking into account their affordability to customers.  
  • Stimulating competition in water service by comparing the performance of Service Providers;
  • Increasing transparence and accountability in the water sectors by monitoring performance and public reporting on their performance