Performance Monitoring


WWRO collects data on the performance of the water and solid waste (collection and disposal) service providers.

This data is published annually in the Annual Performance Report. This report allows stakeholders, including customers, to see for themselves how well their service provider has performed during the year.  Comparisons can be drawn between their performance in the previous year and against other suppliers which can be used as a management driver for improved efficiency.

Apart from producing annual reports that compare year on year performance, the WWRO will periodically (every 3 to 5 years) produce a longer-term performance review.

Data is collected against the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Water service providers

  • Drinking water quality

  • Continuity of supply

  • Service coverage

  • Metered consumption relative to total consumption

  • Non-revenue water

  • Annual complaints per 1000 customers

  • Staffing efficiency

Waste collection service providers

  • Service coverage

  • Percentage of waste disposed to regional landfill sites

  • Annual complaints per 1000 customers

Waste disposal service provider (Kosovo Landfill Management Company)

  • Tonnage

            Financial KPIs

  • Working ratio
  • Working coverage ratio
  • Unit operating costs
  • Collection rates

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