WSRA’s primary customer services role is to see that customers served by monopoly water suppliers receive acceptable standards of service at a fair price.  It ensures that the rights and obligations of both customers and the service providers are clear and enforceable.

Standards of Service

Water and Waste Service providers have to meet certain standards of service. These are set out in the Rule on Minimal Water and Wastewater Service Standards, whilst regarding the waste collection services in the Rule on Minimal Waste Collection Service Standards.

Each year WSRA publishes a report on the performance of providers in meeting these standards.  The first report was published in 2007 and reported on performance in 2006. Link to Performance report

Customer Charter

All licensed water and wastewater (sewerage) suppliers must prepare a Customer Charter. This is a general statement of the rights and obligations of the supplier and the rights and obligations of customers.

Suppliers must be able to provide customers with a free copy of its Customer Charter on request. Customers should be able to ask for the Charter in the official language of their choice.

It covers:

  • Entitlement to the service

  • The need to have a contract

  • How bills will be issued and the obligation on customers to pay them

  • How to complain

  • What information can be held about customers

Customer Consultative Committees

WSRA has established seven Consumer Consultative Committees (CCCs) to represent the interests of customers and to deal with their complaints against licensed water and sewerage suppliers.

Committee membership is approved by the regulator.

CCC Members are unpaid but receive reimbursement for reasonable travel and meal expenses.